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Repairs and Services

We can repair anything ranging from; computers, laptops, laptop screen replacements, printers;dotmatrix/inkjet/laser, photocopiers, monitors, TV, tablets, ipad, and anything that is electrical and electronic

Data Recovery
Crashed or damaged hard disks, USB sticks, SD cards, are not an obstacle for us, we can recover your data

We install; computers, servers, networks, CCTV, we also can help to manage your projects from procurement to implementation phase as well as production, and after care.

We can help you to pool your resources more efficiently for a seamless operational environment for your systems.

Level III repairs service
Translated this means we can repair down to the individual subcomponent on motherboards and daughterboards or subassemblies incorporated into any type of IS and IT or Office equipment systems.

You can rely on our 82 man years of technical experience to solve your problems with Linux, Unix, Windows and Servers, as well as our support for productivity systems; various Office software, spread sheets and databases

Our training course can be tailored to your needs, targeting only the areas of interest.

We can help you to address your various development needs.

Home Users

Home users have different requirements, and we are geared to cater for you and your requirements

Often the forgotten passwords can be a source of anxiety, we can help you to remove, and reset these

Streamlining software on your machines with a view to speeding up the operation of the machine, for an enhanced performance, ie making your machine operate faster

Virus Removal
Removing stubborn Trojan viruses and persistent malware

Network Hardening
Wireless network hardening for an enhanced secure communications experience on the Internet